Remember all those years ago when people didn’t publicise everything on Facebook?

When you didn’t need to post on LinkedIn every day to stay relevant?

There was a time before you spent evenings scrolling through every celebrity’s Instagrammed dinner. Maybe you’re still avoiding this but there are plenty out there who aren’t.

A distant memory! 

Most business owners know that social media is a big part of marketing these days but not all know what to do, feeling confident to do it or even have the interest.

That’s why we offer a few different packages to suit your level of desired involvement.

  • Need a little (or a lot of) help figure out how it all works?
  • Want some encouragement on what to post and when to post?
  • Prefer us to take the whole thing off you hands?
    We can do that too …

Social media can quickly sap your productivity if you charge in with your eyes closed and no clue where you’re going.