90% of the jobs that need to be done in a business are dull, repetitive and don’t earn you any money.

Ok, I made that figure up … but you’ve got to admit you’re still doing a lot of tasks you never thought you’d be stuck doing when you had dreams of setting up your empire.

We’ve got your back.

Whoever coined the phrase “Never a dull moment” obviously outsourced all of their admin!

So, let us take those jobs off your hands too ….

We’ll leave the client work up to you and shoulder the rest. Imagine all the extra paid work you could take on if you didn’t need to add your new connections to LinkedIn after networking or figure out how to work your CRM every time you want to send out a marketing campaign.

By the way, the reason we’re called ‘Backstage Business Support‘ and not ‘Backstage Admin’ is that we go above and beyond what you would consider ‘administration’ … so don’t think your jobs are too much for us.

We can handle it (and if we can’t, we’ll let you know! But you have to ask us first).

Sadly there is one job we simply can’t do and that’s … make the coffee.

Maybe get yourself a machine?

Or invite me out for a meeting/chat … I’ll have a skinny iced latte … whatever the weather!