I’m always looking to build my team.

If you’re an actor or actress and looking for some extra/resting work please get in touch.



Self Employed Business Support Worker


About us

‘Backstage Business Support’ is a new company based off the back of my smaller company which grew too quickly for me to sustain alone. As an actor myself, I took on admin work on the side to earn a little extra money but it soon took over and became my main job. Now, I’m looking to build a team of actors who are also looking for some extra work in between acting jobs.

We provide business support to small business owners which includes, but is not limited to, admin tasks. The aims is to free up time for the business owner to concentrate on doing the work they enjoy and growing their business.


About the job

Possible jobs may include:

  • Follow up calls (it will never be cold calling!)
  • Basic bookkeeping
  • Email monitoring and management
  • CRM management
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Social media management
  • Content creation (for social media and blogs)
  • Data entry
  • Lead follow up
  • Client / customer relations
  • Research

The list is endless as I work on a case by case basis. In simple terms, it’s an outsourcing service but with a much more personal touch. I work with passionate and interesting business owners and I want a team that is in keeping with that. I don’t just want faceless workers.

Work will be remote, you’ll be able to complete the jobs wherever you are, though there may be some opportunities to go into the offices of the businesses/to events but this will always be optional.

About you

You’ll need to be registered self employed so you can issue invoices for work you complete and file your own tax returns.

The work will be flexible around acting auditions and jobs and you’ll retain the right to refuse or take on any work I offer you. However, I do expect you to be reliable and communicate well once you’ve accepted work. I understand the nature of the acting business and having a team will ensure we get the balance right for everyone.

I’m looking for people that I can work well with, more than skills and experience. I am happy to offer training in software and processes but ‘people’ skills are difficult to teach.

However, if you do have any skills and experience that you feel may be relevant please do list them as I wish to build a multi skilled team. A basic level of admin and social media skills are desired, although this doesn’t have to be in a professional capacity.

You must be an amiable person with great communication skills as I’m building a personal experience with my clients. Attention to details and organisation are also quite important as you may be juggling several tasks at once.

Excellent spoken and written English are a necessity.


As this role is on a self employed basis you will be paid by the hour or per job (whichever is agreed upon before work is completed).

Pay will be competitive and based on experience.


How to apply

If you think you’d like to be in my team, please get in touch via email.